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Overview of India

India can truly claim being one of the oldest continuous civilizations on Earth. India’s recorded history goes back almost 8,000 years when early farming communities developed around Baluchistan in modern day Pakistan. In time these settlements grew to form the Indus Valley Civilisation – contemporary with the Egyptian, Mesopotamia and Chinese Yangtze Civilisations.

India is such an amalgam of diversity contained within a cultural hegemony, one can very well get confused when describing Indian Culture. From North to South and East to West there are differences in habits and diets as well as socio-religious diversity. However the greatest achievement of India and The Subcontinent is that whilst it has had many invaders over the centuries, India has managed to ‘Indianize’ all those who have come into contact with it and at the same time it has incorporated some of the key elements of the invaders to produce the modern India.

Travellers to India today can enjoy a multitude of diverse experiences across this expansive country from the Himalayan mountain range in the north to the Indian Ocean in the south, taking in a variety of cuisines, faiths, cultures, history, arts, crafts, music, nature and incredible lands on every visit.

Travel to India doesn’t have to break the bank either as there are always deals available, it seems, for cheap tickets to India. From all major UK airports you find the best flight deals to India flying indirect with one stop or two. Year-round you will be able to find low-cost fares, though the advice is start checking fares to India well in advance.

India’s Top Flight Destinations

Whether your travels to India are to visit family and friends, for business or simply for an amazing holiday experience, there are plenty of arrival gateways to choose from offering cheap flights into India from the UK.

Major gateways include those of Delhi and Mumbai, though with the increased industrialisation, regional hubs such as Hyderabad and Madras (Chennai) also conveniently have direct flights from UK. Popular Goa, seasonally, has limited direct flights and worth a check to see if they are operating and at what special deals.

Before setting out to explore this incredible country, it is always good to do a little research prior to booking your tickets to India as each region has its own uniqueness and a lot of ‘bucket-list’ destinations and sights. For example, the holy site of Amristar’s Golden Temple in Varanasi will leave you in awe, as will the great monuments left behind by the Moghuls and the British Raj such as the Taj Mahal. Some off-the-beaten paths include the most easterly of Indian States with their multitude of Tribes – Tripura, Nagaland to the Spiceland of South India – Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.

Tips for Cheap Tickets to India

Everyone loves a flight deal and any flight ticket to India and its’ cost will depend upon the specific flight chosen. The airline, the advance booking period, season of travel, time of departure, seat-class selection and whether it’s a direct flight or not are all factors that can impact on the final price. Non-stop flights generally tend to be more expensive, though not always. If you have time on your hands and are prepared to make a change/connection via another destination, a substantial savings can often be enjoyed on flights to India, particularly in business class. You can route via European cities with major airlines connecting to direct flights to India from the airlines national and regional hubs. Cheaper tickets to India can be found when flying with north European airlines such as Finnair and SAS and also eastern European airlines such as Ukraine or Uzbekistan Airlines who are increasing their flight frequencies to India as well as expanding their routes. Another popular choice these days is travelling with Middle Eastern carriers such Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, Gulf Air and Oman Air who offer a wide choice of connections and good fares to India.

From the UK direct, non-stop flights to India are offered by likes of Air India, British Airways and Virgin Airlines.